happiness only real when shared || Chris McCandless

i do not know if stars
get lonely, or if angels have
to take their shoes off inside heaven,
or how perfume is made.
i do not know if antinous even wanted to be a god.
"   If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.   "

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i think this just changed my life

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"   Before you say yes, get him angry. See him scared, see him wanting, see him sick. Stress changes a person. Find out if he drinks and if he does, get him drunk - you’ll learn more about his sober thoughts. Discover his addictions. See if he puts you in front of them. You can’t change people, baby girl. If they are made one way, it doesn’t just wear off. If you hate how he acts when he’s out of it now, you’re going to hate it much worse eight years down the road. You might love him to bits but it doesn’t change that some people just don’t fit.   "
inkskinned, “My father’s recipe for the man I should marry” (via partygirlmeltdown)


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"   The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.   "
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (via observando)